ChronWell Explainer Video

You know what’s not fun? Getting hurt at work. You know what’s less fun? Trying to navigate the maze of workers’ compensation after you’ve been injured. ChronWell aims to change this by pioneering an innovative, new approach for injured workers, employers, and insurers that helps all parties more easily manage the ins and outs of workers’ compensation. We could go on, but why? Explaining ChronWell’s solution in simple terms is this project’s very raison d'être. Collaborating closely with the client, Team Battle created this animated explainer video to clearly convey ChronWell’s groundbreaking platform for helping injured employees seamlessly move through the process of incident management to claim resolution, and from recovery to return to work. Battle was responsible for scripting, character development, storyboarding, and animation (and a final sprinkling of magic dust).


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