ADT Canopy Branding

ADT Canopy is a pretty big deal. It’s a new offering, a new brand, and a new way of looking at home and personal security. At its core, it allows people to pair ADT’s security and monitoring services with third-party smart devices. This means your smart watch finally has a raison d'être apart from your sad attempts to look like Pharrell. Por ejemplo, with your smart watch and ADT Canopy, you can take advantage of 24/7 emergency response. So, if you find yourself in a bad spot (like being attacked by an angry Pharrell) you can call for help, wherever and whenever. This is only one small example – Canopy extends a world of security services to smart home hubs, life safety products, other wearables, and more. As part of the Canopy global launch, Battle worked in collaboration with ADT and SapientNitro to define the brand look and feel, messaging, and photographic style, and extended the approved system to partner, promotional, and collateral materials.


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