Website Design

CSL Plasma has been a Battle client for many years. They are a great company powered by equally great people. Several years ago, Battle was tasked with breathing fresh life into the CSL brand identity. This was an extensive effort that not only involved a higher level recalibration of messaging and visuals, but the extension of this new brand system to a vast world of marketing materials, collateral of all shapes and sizes, and brick-and-mortar environmental updates. The final domino? The CSL website. It was completely redesigned to echo the updated brand. In the process we optimized the user experience, refined the content hierarchy and navigation, optimized all site copy for SEO, and ensured that the whole kit and caboodle would be fully responsive. We handed the entire redesign package to CSL’s internal technical team for development, which we worked with very closely to review and QA before go-live.


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