New Donor Campaign

CSL Plasma is a company that is driven by the goodwill of others. It relies on the donation of plasma to manufacture life-saving therapies – this means it relies on foot traffic to its brick and mortar donation centers to succeed. Battle was tasked with wielding the power of the interwebs to swing those donation center doors wide open. The results? Wow.

Battle initiated a exhaustively researched and extensively applied Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign via Google and Bing. The campaign was highly targeted to both donation center demographics and locations, from Manhattan to Memphis, St. Louis to Salt Lake City. We’ll skip over some of the secret sauce bits and campaign intricacies, but the results have been and continue to be mind-bendingly good. Ridiculous conversion rates (over 50%), unheard of click through rates (over 7% on average), and new donor growth for CSL that is spiking across the country – (some centers by as much as 57%).


  • CSL Plasma



  • Design
  • Messaging
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • UI Design
  • Video