NuFit Social Promotion

3N2 NuFIT is a patented fastpitch pant that combines smart softball utility with yoga pant appeal and ‘stretchitude.’ It is decidedly different, new to market, and was in need of buzz. When your target audience is 13-18 years old, you must have visual impact, a platform, and a vehicle for converting enthusiasm into sales. First, Battle completed a photo shoot reinforcing the key product values and creative campaign themes. Second, we generated awareness, excitement, and demand via Instagram and a product-specific web presence. Third, we target-marketed to parents via Facebook and e-mail to amplify the noise being made by their credit-cardless teens. Fourth? we basked in the glow of a campaign showing big returns. The Instagram campaign has netted tens of thousands of likes and non-stop chatter. Facebook ads have performed well beyond expectations. 3N2 NuFIT has now been featured in publications across the nation, and is being quickly bought up by big box sports retailers and fastpitch softball organizations. 


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