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Jordan Jack, best friend to brides and grooms who loathe hucksters and our favorite out-of-the-box-in-the-box jeweler, is online and on fire thanks to the web wizards at Battle. To help ease the matchmaking between fiances and the wedding bands they’ll adore, we set up a web shop that has not only won awards, but also the loyalty of thousands of love drunk browser jockeys. For starters, the website is really pretty – like really pretty. People also like using it and it churns out some serious business. That should more than enough, right? Ok, ok. For nerds that thirst for more, it’s a turnkey Magento based e-commerce website for which we built in some whiz bang custom functionality. For instance, Jordan Jack’s signature Home Try On program through which fiances can choose 5 wedding bands for a cost-free trial, was made possible (and easy) through the brains and fingertips of the Battle web crew. There’s a lot more to love, for sure, but for additional nitty gritty, you’ll need to drop us a note!


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