CSL Plasma 200th Center Video

Some milestones are bigger than others. 200 consecutive days playing Minecraft? Sad but impressive. Your 200th bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? No one’s cheering for you but your cardiologist. But, your 200th brick-and-mortar dedicated to saving lives? Now that’s serious cause for celebration. During Battle’s tenure as agency for CSL Plasma, we have watched them grow from 50 to 200 centers nationwide. This is undoubtedly due to their focused mission and best-of-class service and professionalism, but we like to think we played some small part in their continued success (quietly patting ourselves on the back).

Battle had the pleasure of creating this inspiring celebration video for CSL’s global team to announce the 200th donation center opening. When it comes to creativity, CSL Plasma is great about letting Battle loose, giving our design and motion graphics team the freedom to deliver an animation that truly shines: The styling and movement sucks you in visually and keeps you engaged, while delivering a message that's both compelling and as feel-good as feel-good gets. Congratulations to the CSL Plasma staff, donors, and patients!


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